IC Markets International trades commodities on a global scale. We are dynamic, responsible, financially sound and well-established.


Established in 1995, IC Markets International has become one of the largest, integrated commodity trading companies in the world.

Procurement and distribution of first-class products

IC Markets International trades heavy metal melting steel, cement, livestock, beef, frozen meat cuts, animal hides, and other commodities through business hubs in Orlando, Shanghai, Madrid, Panama City, Caracas, and Santo Domingo. In support, we operate a growing portfolio of production, logistics and storage assets.

In addition, IC Markets International has a number of specialist divisions which among their core activities includes the recycling of steel materials, as well as other scrap metals. 


Our development is founded on organizational growth and expansion. We actively make substantial new investments in partnerships with customers, as well as in our network of commodity producers. A key success factor is our extensive risk management culture.