IC MARKETS INTERNATIONAL has a team of experts to help with all your livestock trading needs – no matter where you’re located. Using their specialist knowledge and access to a national network of contacts and market information, they can help you determine the most efficient way to source and sell your livestock.

Supporting Beef Cattle businesses is at the heart of what we do


We have a lot to offer you when it comes to supporting your Beef Cattle business. We can work with you to identify opportunities, whether you are selling, buying or looking to improve your production. With a national network and our Livestock expertise, we can help to maximize the profitability of your Beef Cattle.


As brokers of some of the world’s largest beef feedlot operators, we provide grain-fed beef for both domestic and international markets.

Dairy Cattle

We have a lot to offer you when it comes to supporting your dairy business and your buying and selling needs.



Whether you’re looking to grow or sell your herd, make sure you talk to us. We have the right expertise and knowledge to help you enjoy a successful outcome. With our wealth of experience in dispersal sales, you can be sure your herd is in good hands.

And our auctioneers’ knowledge of stud stock and commercial sales means they achieve a great result every time.
Our leading sales processing technology means you can be sure you will enjoy the proceeds of your sale without delay. 


Live Export

If you’re looking to export, we can access orders from IC MARKETS INTERNATIONAL International Trading and all other major live exporters.

We are one of the largest suppliers of livestock to the Live Export market.

As well as accessing the Live Export orders from IC MARKETS INTERNATIONAL International Trading, we have alliances with all other major livestock exporters.

We can offer access to the Live Export market for bulls, cows, heifers and steers of all breeds and weight ranges as well as sheep and lambs.

Selling Options

We can offer domestic and international selling options to meet your dairy cattle needs.