IC MARKETS INTERNATIONAL has extensive, accumulated experience in the meat trade. We supply fresh and frozen meat to butchers, wholesalers, restaurants, hotel chains and catering butchers throughout the world.

We pride ourselves on our extensive stocks, sourced from the finest suppliers and from producers all over the globe, of top quality beef, pork, lamb, chicken, bacon and much more.

Beyond that, we can supply almost all meat requirements with an assurance of quality, underpinned by personal service and stringently followed safety and hygiene procedures.

Our experience and buying power means we are always able to offer competitive trade prices, providing a value 'one stop shop' for the catering butcher.

Through our extensive network in the slaughtering industry, we offer a full-service concept from the slaughterhouse to end consumer.

We target our edible meat and by-products to a variety of different business segments, many of these highly specialized niches, like the European halal markets, worldwide tanning and leather market, or refined products for both the edible fats and gelatin, as well as the pharmaceutical industries.

We use our own direct distribution network to ensure that your meat reaches you quickly, and have daily deliveries worldwide.