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Nothing conjures up the idea of luxury faster than the phrase “calf skin leather”. It’s valued for its supple texture, thinness, and even grain. What is it about calf hides that give the leather made from them so many desirable qualities?

Understanding the desirable qualities of calf skin leather begins with understanding where it comes from before it becomes leather. Calf skins can only come from a calf that is less than a year old. Because of the young age of the animal the skin has not become thick after years of being exposed to the elements. Thinness of a hide translates into the suppleness of the finished leather. The suppleness of calf skin leather makes it ideal for handbags, shoes, and garments. The young age of the calf has other benefits as well; it decreases the likelihood that a skin will be damaged by parasites or other cattle. Skins that are undamaged by parasites will have no grain defects in the finished leather that will need to be cut around for a finished product.

The grain itself is also much finer than the grain on skins from older animals. The grain of leather is based on the density of hair follicles on the skin. In calves these follicles are so close together that when the leather is tanned it almost appears to have no grain at all. This will give a very uniform look to any product that uses calf skin leather. A naturally smooth grain ensures that the leather will not have to have the grain manually corrected. Correcting grains in leather weakens the leather and leads to a stiffer feeling end product.

Perhaps the only drawback to calf skin leather stems from the fact that calves are much smaller than mature cattle. This means that lager products may require more calf hides than those made from cow hide.

This is why IC Markets International Ltd’s insistence on consistent quality is important. For large projects using many calf skins, note that skins are of the same quality, so that the resulting leather will also be of the same quality.

For products that require an extremely soft texture consider sheep skins. Perhaps your project needs a little more durability instead of luxury. If so, purchase steer hides, or ox hide. For any other ordering questions contact us and we’ll help you to find the hides that fit your needs.

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