Quality Brine-Cured Hides from IC Markets International Ltd

For centuries, our ancestors protected animal hides by salting them. Today, we soak hides in saltwater solutions and let the hides absorb the salt. Brine curing has become the first step in preserving any animal hide because it is a faster process than wet packing. The brining solution disinfects hides, as well as impregnate them with salt to prevent bacterial decay. If this step is poorly performed, hides might mold, shrink, or be damaged. IC Markets International Ltd seeks to provide the highest quality hides that have been well-cured to prevent any hair slippage, discoloration, or deterioration of the hides. Brine curing also has the benefit of producing moist hides that take less time to rehydrate.

Quality brine cured hides provide many options for finished projects. They can be treated to preserve the hair for western-themed, furniture upholstery or they can become cow skin rugs to decorate rustic living rooms. Hides can also be tanned to any type of finish that a project demand. By using full hides, you can control every step in the process of converting a cured hide into a beautiful finished leather product that will maintain its beauty for years to come. Hides can be vegetable tanned to produce firm leathers suitable for luggage, stamped journals, or molded projects.

Brine cured hides can also be mineral tanned to produce supple, stretchable leathers that are ideal for garments, handbags, or wallets. Mineral tanned leathers result in wet blue hides that are easily worked and transformed into any number of beautiful leather goods. All these options are available to anyone who purchases brine-cured hides from IC Markets International Ltd.

Each of these tanning methods can be used on any type of cattle hide, but they can also be applied to sheep hides. Sheep hides produce soft, thin leathers which are often lined with other fabrics to protect them from excessive damage and wear.

IC Markets International Ltd sells the highest quality selection of brine cured hides ranging from soft and supple calf skins to large and durable steer hides. For any other questions about our brine-cured hides, please contact us.

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