Quality Wet Blue Hides from IC Markets International Ltd

IC Markets International Ltd places a high priority on providing you with the highest, most consistent quality cow and sheep skins. One of these high-quality products are our wet blue skins. Our process of mineral tanning is more efficient and cost effective than traditional vegetable tanning methods. Wet blue treated hides are more flexible and stable than skins that have only been brined or salted. Wet blue hides also do not require any additional soaking to remove the excess salt before the skins can be fully tanned. They are called wet blue hides because the salts used to penetrate the fibers of the skin leave behind a blue tint.

Wet blue skins are very supple and heat resistant hides that can withstand higher temperatures, as well as immersion in water. Vegetable tanned leathers are prone to shrinkage at high temperatures and will become rigid after immersion in water. Not only are wet blue skins easy to work with, they are also ideal for projects that require a soft supple leather. These skins are ideal for upholstery, garments, shoes, handbags, or any other items which require soft leathers. Because of the flexible nature of these skins, they are not ideal for products which require a less flexible leather, such as tooled or stamped leathers.

Wet blue skins have also undergone the first steps in the tanning process so the skins will be able to be quickly worked without having to remove the hair and extra tissue found on a salted hide. Without these materials there will be less waste to dispose of throughout the tanning process. With these materials removed there will also be fewer methods for bacteria to infiltrate the skin and damage the leather before it is finished.

IC Markets International Ltd can provide many types of skins from soft calf skins to strong and versatile steer hides. If you want a different type of leather IC Markets International Ltd can also provide you with many quality sheep hides.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your hide and skin needs and how IC Markets International Ltd can best meet them.

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