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Perhaps the most common product derived from sheep is wool, but sheep hides also produce very supple leather. Numerous hair follicles give finished sheep leather a fine-grained appearance. When the wool is removed, the resulting skin and leather are thin and ideal for creating fashion pieces. The leather feels broken in from the very first wearing. With the proper care, sheep skin leather can last if cow hide leather.

Some of our customers love the natural beauty of wool on their sheep skins. Sheep skins that are tanned with wool on can be made into cozy rugs that will provide years of warmth and comfort underfoot. The wool is considered to be hypoallergenic and is a wonderful insulator.

Because it is hypoallergenic, wool will not irritate sensitive skin where other synthetic fibers might. Wool is also a good fiber that naturally regulates the temperature of the wearer. It wicks sweat away to cool skin in warmer temperatures and prevents heat from escaping- even in the coldest weather.

IC Markets International Ltd sheep hides are consistently high quality. Hides with hair on them have little to no hair slippage. The skins themselves have very few parasite or scar marks. Some customers desire these marks, so we sort the hides accordingly. We only partner with providers who maintain healthy herds, so that we only sell quality sheep skins.

IC Markets International Ltd provides quality brine cured hides or wet blue hides. For projects that need a more resilient leather consider buying our calf skins or heifer skins, which have the same softness of a sheep skin, but are thicker and can withstand rougher wear.

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